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The Greatest Gameshow


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The Virtual Pub Quiz

Bespoke Virtual Experiences



An interactive evening of pure gameshow fun

Roll up, roll-up! Welcome to the greatest show on Earth! (Or technically, online)

Prepare for an uplifting, feel-good evening of fun and laughter, guided by your very own Greatest Gameshow-man!
The Greatest Gameshow brings together classic gameshows to form the ultimate online interactive night of fun. Designed to bring people together to actually play, rather than just watch, their very favourite TV gameshows.
Gameshow examples include: Catchy Phrases, The Square, Nevermind the Buzzycocks, Fortunate Families, The price is Alright, Counting Down and many, many more!

Duration: 1-1.5 Hours
Delegates: 2-300

"It was so fun and amazing. I loved every second."
"Great host, very entertaining & ran the event incredibly smoothly. Highly recommend!"
"A million dreams away from a boring quiz!!"



The Virtual Murder Mystery Experience


Challenge your guests to one of our interactive virtual murder mystery events, guaranteed to provide an evening of entertainment, laughs and intrigue.
Guests will gather clues, look at evidence and assess the crime scene with a mixture of player interaction and on-screen evidence, voice recordings and videos. As the event draws to a close, guests submit their accusations for the murderer, weapon and motive with awards available for those whose detective skills are on point or even the murderer if they make it through the event undiscovered!  

Duration: 1.5-2 Hours
Delegates: 6-50

"Funny, detailed, engaging, easy to follow, great script and costumes"
"Extremely well thought out, prompts were good, fun and entertaining." 
"Really good, would recommend!"
"Thanks so much, great event and everyone really enjoyed themselves." 




Who doesn't love a pub quiz?
If you want to keep things traditional, fun and competitive, the Pub Quiz is the way to go. Example rounds include general knowledge, geography, music, sport, history and the weird and wonderful. Rounds can be tailored to you, your group or company.

Delegates can play as individuals, team house-holds or virtual teams with breakout rooms to maximise networking and collaboration.
Duration: 1-2 Hours
Delegates: Up to 200

"Great mix of rounds, really enjoyed it"
"The host was great and really funny. Great night, thanks!"



The Virtual Race Night Experience

​The Virtual Race Night Experience"

The closest thing to a day at the races in the 'new world'.
Horses for courses features a custom-built live betting platform for players to bet on their favourite horses in each race. Our team of comedy bookies will give players hints tips and betting advice for who they think will bring home the winnings as well as keeping the crowds entertained.
Bets can be placed individually or to maximise networking, players can be assigned a betting syndicate and given their own private boxes to discuss team strategies. 

​ Duration: 1-1.5 Hours
Delegates: Up to 200. 

"Good laugh, thanks guys. The bookies were very funny"
"Awesome fun, great night out in!"​
"Very exciting, just like a day at the races!"



Your business on the big screen!

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We're super-excited to announce our new virtual experience which really focuses on business values, the people in your team and of course, having loads of fun!

This customisable experience can re-invigorate your teams creativity, leadership, communication and positivity as well as providing you with tangible business insight and ideas.

Please get in touch to learn all about it!
+44 7541 638 891



The business experience.


NEW! You don't want to miss this one...


Do you have a team of superstars in your business, but socially distanced working has meant they've lost their mojo?


Then it's time to get the old band back together!


Prepare yourselves for a rock show like no other as we put your superstars back on the main stage where they belong. This amazing virtual experience provides opportunities for your teams to really work together, get creative and communicate like never before.

Duration: 90mins+

Delegates: Upto 100.



Your ideas brought to life.


Do you have an amazing idea burning in your brain, but don't know how to make it work virtually?

Do you have an annual company experience that just can't happen this year?

Get in touch with us and our creative team will work with you to make the impossible, possible.

We've already worked with numerous companies who've wanted something really special, unique and distinctive to them and successfully delivered creative solutions.

Get in touch today to see how we can turn your ideas into a virtual reality.

​We've been successfully hosting and delivering all manner of virtual events since before lockdown even began. 

We've delivered conferences and meetings for delegates around the globe and been part of events with delegates well into the thousands. It's fair to say successfully delivering a virtual event is very different to a live one. Thankfully with an excellent technical team working behind the scenes and Simon keeping the delegates entertained and engaged upfront, your audience is in for a smooth, fun and professional virtual event experience.

Get in contact today to learn more about how we can help turn your virtual idea into a virtual reality.


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