Conference Compere & Event Host


It doesn't matter how well the event is organised or how much money has been invested in it, if you get the wrong host it's going to fail.

Simon's demonstrated ability to read audiences, adapt and quickly get them on side and engaged is what really makes him stand out. He uses an energetic and often comedic style to reinforce messages throughout meetings and events in order to deliver messages in a funny and memorable way.

As an Event Organiser it's your reputation on the line and your duty to make sure someone professional and slick guides your event to success. Someone who actively engages delegates and delivers the objectives or mission statements you've worked so hard to prepare.

Why not do it yourself?
Many people consider a host an afterthought if there's budget remaining and think someone internal could do the job. Which could go well. Or not? Why take the gamble? Just because Gary from sales is quite funny in the office canteen, doesn't mean he can win over an audience on stage or know how to react when things don't quite go to plan.

Choosing the right MC can provide peace of mind, excel an event beyond expectations and prevent risking writing off months of hard work. Why take the risk? 

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Award Evenings, Gala Dinners & Charity Auctions

Awards ceremonies are often the most important events in a companies annual calendar. Showing gratitude and recognition for true shining stars and those who've gone above and beyond their roles is key in maintaining high morale and loyalty in staff. 

Not every manager or CEO however has the outgoing, sparkling personality required to deliver speeches to match the glitz and glamour of the evening. Simon has individually hosted countless award ceremonies on behalf of companies, collaborated on stage with senior management as well as collaborating with numerous famous comedians, TV personalities, magicians and speciality acts. 

Simon's delivery is both entertaining, efficient and he has helped raise tens of thousands of pounds for numerous good causes with charity auctions and raffles.

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